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What is Pardot?

If you have worked with or are familiar with marketing automation software, it is likely you have run across one of the hottest tools on the market … Pardot.

Pardot is’s marketing automation suite that helps companies engage with prospects and leads in a simpler and smarter way. Pardot’s goal is to improve the quality of leads for Sales and assist Marketing improve their ROI by wisely using their marketing budget.

For Sales, Pardot works to improve the quality of leads through lead scoring and allows the Sales team to see how the prospect interacted with the online brand to date, whether that was visiting a Web site, opening links in an email, or filling out a form requesting product information.

For Marketing, it offers an entire suite of tools to interact with site visitors and prospects. Those tools include emails and email templates, prospect segmentation, automation of marketing tasks, as well as easy to create forms and landing pages.

Pardot also seamlessly integrates with allowing the CRM and marketing automation tools to work together to further the goals of Marketing and Sales.

Written by Eirik Ackerman, Business Analyst at Demand Chain Systems

Eirik has over fourteen years of hands on IT experience, and has been working with since 2008. During this time, he has successfully performed a number of roles including business analysis, development, technical lead, project management, and quality assurance for many successful projects for both large and small companies. For Demand Chain Systems, Eirik works as a business analyst and developer. 

DCS now offers Pardot implementation services – for more information contact:

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