Join the Lightning Side of the Force! DCS Lightning Experience!

Demand Chain Systems can help you integrate all of your company’s complex systems into one centralized Salesforce instance. We can help you incorporate everything from ERP, HR, and financial systems, to intricate call centers and Point-of-Sale platforms.

Manual business processes are almost always time consuming and ridden with errors and result in siloed data and disconnected systems. When you use an integrated system you can eliminate double entry, piles of documents, spreadsheets and post-it notes. When you eliminate insufficient and/or inconsistent customer information you allow your sales cloud and service cloud users to operate at a higher performance and efficiency. Of course better data and customer information will help your customer experience too!

Examples of business processes that can be automated in real-time between Salesforce and other applications:

  • Migrate data from legacy CRM systems in batch or one-time
  • Convert opportunities won to orders and invoices
  • E-commerce orders/ account management to Salesforce Customer Support interface
  • Synch product catalog with financial application
  • Connect lead database to sales campaigns
  • Import invoice/ payment info from financials to provide visibility to sales
  • Salesforce-Integrations

Basically – you can connect Salesforce to just about anything, including;

  • Human Resources (Applicant Tracking Systems)
  • ERP Platforms
  • Financial & Accounting software
  • Call Center
  • POS
  • Logistics,
  • Legacy Systems
  • Cloud Storage systems like Amazon Web Services, and Google Apps for Business
  • Social Media like Twitter and LinkedIn