Should I Get (Salesforce) Certified?

During my Microsoft development days I studied for, and eventually acquired my Microsoft Solutions Developer Certification (MCSD). Preparation for the certification exams were tedious but being certified was an important part of our corporate partnership with Microsoft. At that time I never quite grasped the value of certification on a personal level.  My mindset was that my working experience was much more valuable than certification.

When I made the switch to Salesforce development a few years ago, I was looking for ways to increase my knowledge of the platform. Certification was an option, but given my previous experience I resisted getting certified and instead chose the online documentation route (this was before Trailhead).  The documentation route wasn’t a bad idea, it just wasn’t enough.  Salesforce felt different to me.  Maybe because it was new to me, or maybe because it challenged the way I viewed development. I decided to give certifications another chance.

While preparing for my first Salesforce Certification exam I began to realize the value of the process.  Something that had escaped me years earlier.  In areas where I felt I had a good understanding, I learned additional things that sharpened it.  In areas where I was lacking or had no knowledge at all, I gained it.  Preparing for the Salesforce Certification didn’t just help me pass the exam, it also gave me more tools in the toolbox.  Both of which made me a better and more indispensable developer.

Acquiring certification does not guarantee the ability to administer or develop in Salesforce, but it will increase your knowledge and understanding of the platform, and that certainly won’t hurt you. Combine certifications with work experience and you’ve got the best of both worlds!

Written by Jason Flippen, Senior CRM Developer at Demand Chain Systems

Jason is an award winning Senior IT professional with notable success analyzing, developing and enhancing a variety of corporate IT software systems.

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