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How to turn Blackberries into mobile CRM platforms

Jetcraft buys and sells airplanes. Its industry position is unique. With 45 years of experience and considerable financial resources, technical expertise and trading savvy, Jetcraft actively buys and sells aircraft for its own account and also facilitates trades for an exclusive list of clients. Most other aircraft companies have long been scared off by the financial risks and timing involved and have settled instead for merely acting as brokers.

When you take a principal position in something as expensive as an aircraft, you’d better make sure your mobile sales force has the information at hand to track inventory against buyers and sellers with split-second precision. The perfect tools for this are the Blackberries that Jetcraft sales reps use. The perfect technology is on-demand As a leading partner with extensive mobile communications technology expertise, DCS helped Jetcraft deploy to sales reps via Blackberries for use as mobile CRM platforms all around the world. Now they can easily track calls and emails anywhere, any time.

Jetcraft sales people now have visibility into the company’s inventory and individual aircraft pipeline activity. That means they can quickly and easily present partners with reports showing the activity on the planes they are selling. In addition, seasonal direct mail campaigns are easily executed, thanks to all the data being neatly organized in one place.

“DCS’s knowledge of CRM and mobile platforms gives our global sales force almost instant insight into deal activity,” said Chad Anderson of Jetcraft. “And when the deals involve buying and selling expensive aircraft, our sales people need to act with split-second timing. Thanks to DCS, we’ve got the technology to do just that.”

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