Case Study: Imation

Solution: Salesforce / CRM

Keep Dealers and Sales in Sync

Imation Corp is the world’s leading removable data storage company and the only company with products in all four data storage categories – magnetic, optical, flash and removable hard disk storage. Recently acquiring several other companies along with their brands has presented interesting challenges to our internal business processes.

Imation has hundreds of dealers who register for pricing programs. Sales people often had no way of knowing what programs dealers were participating in because the Oracle DB was hard to access and not intuitive. Confusion ran rampant and relationships with dealers suffered. DCS fixed the problem fast by integrating with Oracle so reps could access pricing program data within

According to Imation, DCS consultants have the technical skills and business process knowledge to solve almost any CRM challenge. In this case, they used their knowledge of Knowledge Sync and SQL to bridge the sometimes considerable gap between Oracle and Salesforce. Imation’s business model is a work in progress, as the company continues to acquire new companies and merge internal business processes. DCS has helped the company use to step up to many of these challenges.

“DCS consultants know programs like Salesforce better than almost anyone. When we need to solve yet another business challenge, I rely on their understanding of Salesforce to help plan our strategy for implementation, and to understand what the roadmap to completing the integration with Salesforce will look like. They’ve become a trusted partner in our use of technology to support our sales organization,” said Tracy Peloquin, eBusiness Manager, North America Commercial Division, Imation Corp.

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