Breaking News: DCS Named One of MN "Best Places to Work" 2017!

Andy Boettcher – Demand Chain Systems, Chief Architect

Do you know Andy Boettcher, DCS Chief Architect & Salesforce MVP?

Listen to the “WizardCast” podcast interview to learn more about Andy and Demand Chain Systems!


*There are so many different careers and jobs that involve Salesforce beyond being and administrator or a developer.

WizardCast explores some of these options be it working at, a partner, or one of the many other areas that involve Salesforce in some form.

Andy Boettcher is the Chief Architect at Demand Chain Systems. His role is a collection of other jobs a little bit of Business Analyst, a little bit project manager, a little bit of a developer, and a little bit of everything.

Andy says, “If you want to help people, an architect path is a really good goal to reach for…”

Andy’s recommends that if you want to become a Chief Architect is to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and then teach your peers your lessons. You need a broad spectrum of knowledge from, systems, platforms, web technologies, business and business process. You need to be able to speak comfortably and from a position of experience and trust across those categories.

We learn that in addition to being a Chief Architect, Andy is also a Certified BBQ Chefs. We also know family means a lot to Andy, despite forcing his daughter to watch Monty Python’s Holy Grail with him. Learn more about Andy at

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